Land Clearing / Bobcat Services


Land Clearing: Whether your looking to clear a lot for new construction, or to stretch your legs the professional land clearing service such as the specialists at River Pine Lawn Service, LLC will be able to assess the scope of work and keep your areas safe.

Removal: Having a dead or dying tree in your yard can be a significant hazard to people, vehicles and homes nearby. Dry dead trees can also be a fire hazard and spread disease and harm to the other plants in the area. For these reasons and more, it is important to have these trees removed safely and promptly. At River Pine Lawn Service, LLC., we work efficiently and cost effectively to remove dead trees in the community of Orange City and so your yard can continue to flourish for years to come.

This is only a small sampling of all the work we do. Please contact us to speak with certified professional about your specific needs.


At River Pine Lawn Service, LLC., we have your trees covered so they continue to cover you.